KABUL, Afghanistan - A strong 5.9 greatness tremor shook eastern Afghanistan short-term

 Causing homes of mud-block and soot block to fall over dozing families

Adding another crisis to a country that has proactively persevered through much misery.

The Taliban's state-run news organization detailed in excess of 920 individuals were killed

They refered to the agent state serve for cataclysmic event the executives

It was impractical to quickly affirm that number, on the grounds that the tremor hit far off regions.

A feeling of the size of obliteration, the Bakhtar News Agency

The video of an anonymous man whose cellphone swung around to get homes folded in the first part of the day light.

"I'm doing this video to show that all individuals here are under the structure,"

He says. "Under that house, five individuals. 

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