GENEVA The physics lab that’s home to the world’s largest atom smasher announced on Tuesday

The observation of three new “exotic particles” that could provide clues about the force that binds subatomic particles together.

The observation of a new type of pentaquark and the first duo of tetraquarks at CERN

 The Geneva-area home to the Large Hadron Collider, offers a new angle to assess the “strong force”

Most exotic hadrons, which are subatomic particles, are made up of two or three elemental particles known as quarks

The strong force is one of four forces known in the universe, along with the “weak force”

Which applies to the decay of particles — as well as the electromagnetic force and gravity.

The announcement comes amid a flurry of activity this week at CERN: Also Tuesday

The LHC’s underground ring of superconducting magnets that propel infinitesimal particles along a 27-kilometer

Data from the collisions is snapped up by high-tech detectors along the circular path.

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