NORTH PLAINS, Ore.Fifteen-ish minutes before the shotgun beginning of LIV's 

LIV's most memorable raid onto U.S. soil

A threesome of resigned Navy Seals utilized American banner parachutes to thud down on Pumpkin Ridge's tenth fairway.

A couple of moments prior, a bald eagle floated directly over the driving reach

The cuff U-S-A! serenade (It is Fourth of July weekend, all things considered.) 

Four hours sooner and right in the distance, relatives of 9/11 casualties retaliated tears 

 As they chastised 48 expert golf players for accomplishing something

 They consider to be particularly unpatriotic: "getting in bed with the Saudis."

As Golf Digest point by point yesterday, the tenor of conversation encompassing

This occasion relies as a rule upon where you are.

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