"Zoolander" met Zelenskyy on Monday as entertainer Ben Stiller visited Kyiv to check World Refugee Day.

The satire star commended the Ukrainian president — himself a previous jokester and entertainer

A legend during the gathering, telling him: "You're astounding."

Stiller visited Zelenskyy in his job as a diplomat for the United Nations exile organization.

It comes as Russia's intrusion of Ukraine keeps on constraining great

The conflict torn country, fueling a developing worldwide emergency

 The quantity of uprooted individuals pass 100 million interestingly on record.

"It's a significant privilege for me," Stiller, who was delegated an UNHCR generosity representative in July 2018

"It's truly awesome, you're my legend. You're astonishing," he said.

"We know you well overall," Zelenskyy said of the "Zoolander" star.

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