Brad Pitt as of late drilled down into his battle with prosopagnosia, normally alluded to as "face visual deficiency."

However the entertainer said he has never formally been determined to have prosopagnosia

A problem described by the powerlessness to perceive faces, he as of late let GQ know

Some believe he's remote, detached, out of reach or narcissistic in light of the fact that he can't recollect them.

"No one trusts me!" Pitt told the power source. "I want to meet another."

The Oscar champ recently focused on the point in a 2013 Esquire interview.

At that point, Pitt told the magazine he liked to remain at home as opposed to going out, saying

"You meet such countless cursed individuals. And afterward you meet them once more."

The forthcoming "Slug Train" star said he experienced issues recollecting individuals regardless of whether

He had "a genuine discussion with them" and that he'd attempt to fool individuals into thinking

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