Brittney Griner confessed to sedate charges as her preliminary went on in Russian court on Thursday

Owning up to carrying pot into the nation yet saying she had stuffed in a rush and didn't mean to violate the law.

The Phoenix Mercury Center and Olympic medalist could have to deal with upwards of 10 years in jail whenever sentenced.

It was Griner's second court appearance since her preliminary started vigorously last Friday

 An appointed authority had recently requested her to be kept for the length of the preliminary

Which her legal counselor has said could endure as long as two months

A few hearings by the indictment before the safeguard gets its turn. 

One more hearing is booked for next Thursday. Griner was captured on Feb.

 On Feb. 17 — seven days before Russia sent off its full-scale intrusion of Ukraine 

After specialists at Sheremetyevo International Airport supposedly found pot vape cartridges in her baggage

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