Some are beginning to overreact with regards to what will happen to the Buccaneers

Buccaneers' tight end circumstance proceeding. In the expressions of Kevin Bacon in Animal House

Bacon in Animal House, "Try to avoid panicking. Everything is great."

Jason Licht and company have worked really hard planning for life in Tampa Bay if Gronk

 The best close end in NFL history and second most noteworthy in Buccaneers' set of experiences

The other hand assuming he chose to stroll off toward the distant horizon.

The Bucs drafted two tight finishes, and both commendation each other amazingly

 Fourth-round pick Cade Otton is the more regular beneficiary, with incredible pursue the-get abilities

Ko Kieft in the mean time, the tight end they drafted in the 6th round

 Is an outright bowling bundle of a tight end

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