Chris Pratt has culminated the specialty of the comedic joke in the midst of blockbuster film activity

Whether keeping away from dinosaur end in the "Jurassic World" 

The "Jurassic World" establishment or during Quad Blaster fire in "Gatekeepers of the Galaxy."

That closures with "The Terminal List.," where Pratt's standard paltriness is the main setback

 The register for the eight-episode Amazon series (streaming Friday).

Pratt, 43, goes full military as Navy SEAL James Reece in the main transformation of a 2020 novel by top

The line creator (and previous SEAL detachment commandant) Jack Carr.

"Crowds will have a bunch of assumptions around what they'll get with something"

However, there's absolutely no part of that" here, expresses Pratt in a joint video interview with Carr.

"I was unable to depend on the comedic instrument I've brought to most positions. That was a test."

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