The breakout progress of Money Heist overwhelmed the world. The first series

As La Casa de Papel (The House of Paper) had been dropped after it was first broadcast in Spain

When Netflix got the show, it turned into an unexpected hit

Bloomed into a worldwide peculiarity that procured various esteemed grants

 The title of Netflix's second most watched series behind just Squid Game.

After the first series closed in 2021, a Korean revival series was declared. For Netflix

An easy decision - have the country created the principal most watched series re-try the second most watched series

Cash Heist: Korea - Joint Economic Area follows the story beats of the first, in certain spots note for note

While likewise giving things a particularly Korean pizazz

Set in 2025, Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic Area envisions North and South Korea near the very edge of reunification

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