The paper says that Musk and Shanahan cozied up at Miami's Art Basel celebration last December.

While he was on a break from his relationship with vocalist Grimes.

And Shanahan was isolated from yet living under a similar rooftop as Brin.

At a party recently, sources told the Journal, Musk got down on one knee and asked Brin for pardoning.

Yet, things are purportedly still chilly between the world's most extravagant and tenth most extravagant man.

A few hours after the Journal's report was distributed on Sunday.

Musk gave an indirect forswearing on Twitter.

In answer to a YouTuber who had reposted a connection to the story and labeled him.

The extremely rich person expressed, "This is all out bs.

Sergey and I are companions and were at a party together last evening!"

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