A group scanning a Mississippi town hall cellar for proof about the lynching of Black young

Black young person Emmett Till has found the unserved warrant charging

A white lady in his 1955 capturing, and family members of the casualty maintain

That specialists should at last capture her almost 70 years after the fact.

A warrant for the capture of Carolyn Bryant Donham — recognized as "Mrs. Roy Bryant"

On the record was found last week via searchers inside a document envelope 

That had been put in a case, Leflore County Circuit Clerk Elmus Stockstill told The Associated Press on Wednesday.

Archives are kept inside boxes by decade, he expressed

 There was nothing else to show where the warrant, dated Aug. 29, 1955, could have been.

"They limited it down between the '50s and '60s and lucked out," said Stockstill, who affirmed the warrant as real.

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