If Charles Leclerc changes all his positions to victory at noon in 2022, we will name him as the clear favorite for the title.

In eight of this year's qualifiers, he was the fastest of six (including Saturday in Baku),

While in the other two he finished second (behind Sergio Perez of Saudi Arabia and Max Verstappen of Imola).

Of course, Leclerco's Ferrari is very fast in one lap,

but in the race more balanced with the Red Bully, it's one of the reasons why this year's World Cup is open and exciting.

Ferrari's driving means that it can easily increase the temperature in the bike,

But manipulating them at racing distance is not always straightforward and is a constant weakness for Leclerc compared to the championship leader, ten Verstappen.

But apart from the eccentric steering wheel control of each car, Leclerc undoubtedly claimed the title of fastest driver in a given F1 lap.

His pole position bike in Baku is the latest example of his perfect accuracy and masterful speed

As he approaches the top hurdles and exits almost every turn without getting out of control once.