At the point when you are dating a tycoon and doing exploratory

You will be carrying on with an alternate kind of life than most others

The situation with the lastingly eccentric, perpetually cool individual known as Grimes

As a child mother to Elon Musk, she has done things a piece in an unexpected way

 Clearly, that incorporated her pregnancy diet. In a 2020 YouTube video

Grimes examines recipes she delighted in eating while pregnant. Among them was "Couscous Sludge."

The "Slime" includes couscous, tomatoes, veggie lover mayonnaise, sriracha, celery, and spinach

Obviously, individuals at BuzzFeed chose to give it a shot and perceive how it tastes

The response from the analyzer was not exactly charming

With the essayist's initial feeling being that it "seemed to be a flavorful porridge turned out badly."

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