In taking into account Thor: Love and Thunder, the fourth film

 The establishment focused on the Marvel Cinematic Universe's self important, siphoned up thunder god

It's valuable to project your brain back to 2017's Thor: Ragnarok, its prompt ancestor.

That film broke a shape that yearned to be broken — the two past Thor motion pictures, in particular

The two of which came so weighted down with unmerited false gravitas they had individuals reexamining their takes on Iron Man 2.

Honestly: Thor was superior to Iron Man 2, however its continuation, Thor: The Dark World, robustly stays the MCU's absolute bottom

In any case, with Ragnarok, the dim (and stuffy) universe

The Thor establishment burst with new light and variety and humor

Credit chief Taika Waititi, who spiced up the procedures with a detachment that permitted rock-operatic set-pieces

Which the banging of heads was joined by head-banging songs of praise to coincide with murmured, underplayed, frequently ad libbed comic exchange.

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