Julee Cruise, a singer best known for her collaboration with director David Lynch.

 And The B-52s, died Thursday.

Her husband, writer Edward Grinnan, confirmed to the NPR that Cruise had died.

by suicide and had fought "lupus, depression and alcohol and drug addiction" in the past. 

She was  65 years old.

"she left this kingdom on his own terms," Grinnan wrote of a Facebook post of Cruise Thursday night.

"It simply came to our notice then.

She was peaceful. I played him ,Roam during her transition.

Now he will walk forever. Rest in peace, my love and love for all of you. "

Cruise, born December 1, 1956 in Creston, Iowa, is known for her exceptional voice presence, is extremely calm.

 And composed that it can be disturbing - to find a receptive audience with Lynch and composer Angel Badalamenti.

 For the 1986 film Blue Velvet, the two tried to mimic,

The result of their collaboration was the original track, "Mysteries of Love,"

in which Cruise's dreamy song was set in a slowly moving fog of romantic synths and chords.