JP celebrates Game 6 Klay with epic 2011 NBA Draft shirt

The Warriors' third-year watch made an appearance to Game 6 of the NBA 

Finals at TD Garden on Thursday with a shirt celebrating Klay Thompson from the 2011 NBA Draft.

Thompson was chosen with the No. 11 pick by the Warriors in 2011

Since has fabricated a Hall of Fame profession. Yet, with his honors

What he's all's generally known for is his "Game 6 Klay" moniker

 Thompson has set up dynamite exhibitions when it has made the biggest difference.

Poole without a doubt knew precisely exact thing he was doing when he made an appearance to Game 6 wearing his partner's

To will one more Game 6 Klay execution into reality as the Warriors hope to finish off the Celtics.

In Thompson's last seven Game 6s, he's averaging an unbelievable 28.1 

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