The Brooklyn Nets and Los Angeles Lakers are gaining ground on an exchange

That would trade Kyrie Irving and Russell Westbrook, as indicated by Chris Haynes. 

Different pieces would need to be involved, yet there is "substantial hopefulness" 

That the different sides can sort out an arrangement this mid year.

Irving as of late picked into the last year of his arrangement worth $36.4 million

Yet is supposed to be exchanged after his star partner Kevin Durant mentioned an exchange from the Nets

"On the off chance that Kevin Durant is on the principal train out, Kyrie Irving will be on the rear, taking everything into account,"

Falling off a season in which he played only 29 games since he wouldn't get the COVID-19 immunization

Given his past injury history - - Irving hasn't played 70 games in that frame of mind starting around 2017

 The market for the irregular watchman is justifiably not generally so vigorous as the one for Durant.

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