Previous kids' laureate Michael Rosen has composed another sonnet to check the 75th commemoration of the arrival of Anne Frank's journal.

The sonnet is named Sonnet for Anne Frank; Rosen wrote here, he said

On the grounds that pieces have "a particular sort of respect" and give "you an opportunity to reflect".

Rosen tends to Frank straightforwardly in the sonnet stating, "you compacted such a lot of life into that space"

 "Each time we read, we battle to appreciate/your adoration for life while knowing how it finished".

Rosen said: "I have an unsettled situation in the sonnet

 The journal you're perusing an individual who is so alive thus confident and life's subtleties 

 A young person's perspective, yet perusing it without thinking about her horrible fate is beyond difficult.

 So there is a terrible conundrum between the living soul of the journal and the information that you have.

"[The poem] sets aside a room for the peruser to harp on that Catch 22

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