NHL magistrate Gary Bettman said that the NHL customary season,

Would get back to a typical schedule plan at his yearly Stanley Cup Final news meeting Wednesday.

Premiere night of the 2022-23 standard season will be Oct. 11

Also, Bettman said that association incomes for 2021-22 could be in overabundance of $5.2 billion.

Nonetheless, it will in any case be a few years before the NHL resumes normal increments to the compensation cap, Bettman said. 

Representative magistrate Bill Daly likewise said he doesn't really accept ,

that the association needs to roll out any improvements to its ongoing LTIR framework, 

which had been recently talked about at the GM gatherings in March.

"Our association is solid, the most grounded it's at any point been," Bettman said

"Our business is flourishing and our game on the ice is hair-raising."

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