It is about custom this year at Wimbledon on the 100th commemoration of Center Court

 The guarding men's singles champion Novak Djokovic strolled back onto the grass on Monday to send off 

The current year's competition, it was likewise about change.

There is a lot of it at the All England Club in 2022: huge and little; self-evident and unobtrusive.

The enormous stuff: Russian and Belarusian players (and writers) have been banished in view of Russia's attack of Ukraine

The competition has been extended from 13 days of play, with no matches booked on the main Sunday

An entire 14 days that will leave no break for the grass and the verdant area.

The little stuff: The seats and work areas in the Center Court press seats

Court press seats have been supplanted with cushioned seats.

All England Club individuals with their round purple identifications 

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