Who doesn't cherish an extended vacation end of the week? The grills, the rascals

The main thing missing is a decent vehicle, and kid ended up being useful choices this week.

Why make an appearance to the picnic in a Camry when you could move up in a seventies

No doubt, you could drive yourself around in a somewhat late-model economy vehicle for fifteen thousand

Or on the other hand, you could hide yourself in the best red calfskin at any point set into

A vehicle inside by human (or robot) hands. Given the decision between the two, I understand what I'd pick.

This Silver Shadow has seen a few years, however the nominal silver paint actually sparkles.

The inside, which you'll need to click into the promotion to see, is a magnum opus

Perhaps you're late, and you want to get to your picnic quick

Or on the other hand, perhaps you simply need to rep some American muscle

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