A day after the U.S. High Court overruled Roe v. Swim

The protected right to early termination for almost 50 years

Texas congressperson is turning into a web sensation for contrasting it with a past decision on isolation.

Texas Senator John Cornyn answered a tweet by previous president Barack Obama that reviled the Roe choice

Cornyn, an ardent enemy of abortionist, answered: "Presently do Plessy versus Ferguson/Brown versus Board of Education."

It isn't precisely clear what Cornyn implied by his tweet. 

Some accept he was recommending the SCOTUS switch the Brown v. Leading body of Education choice

Which decided that isolated schools expected to coordinate.

Others think he was alluding to Plessy v. Ferguson laying out point of reference just to be upset by Brown 50 years after the fact.

 Provided that this is true, the examination is confusing thinking about Roe, like Brown

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