INDIANAPOLIS — Tuesday's Mega Millions big stake is set at $530 million

Which would be the fifth biggest bonanza win in Mega Millions history.

Yet, with a huge number of Americans competing to win large

What number of Hoosiers have left with the fortunate winning ticket?

In the 20-year history of Mega Millions, just two major bonanza victors have come from Indiana.

In 2011, a family from Munster turned into the main Hoosiers to win the Mega Millions big stake.

 The Bolke family won an attracting February for an incredible $93 million. 

The Bolke family said they had played the lottery together for some.

They wound up winning $46.5 million, parting the bonanza with a gathering of mailmen from Michigan.

It required an additional five years for a Hoosier to win large.

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