A picture of Our Lady appearing to Negro ManuelAn picture of Our Lady appearing to Negro Manuel

Pope Francis empowers Argentine preachers in their journey of confidence

Pope Francis sends a video message to the Missionary Movement of Francis 

The gathering starts off a social verifiable stroll to pay tribute to Our Lady of Luján.

Pope Francis on Monday sent a video message to the Movimiento Misioneros de Francisco

The Missionary Movement of Francis, on the event of the introduction of the "Negro Manuel

Cultural Historical Walk of the Virgin of Luján" (Paseo Histórico Cultural 'Negro Manuel' de la Virgen de Luján).

 The preachers as they introduce and favor the Historical Walk.

The Pope reviewed "our yearning is to go with the memory and dedication of Our Lady of Luján

 This walk, he proceeded, is one that goes "through the set of experiences and life of 'Negro Manuel'".

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