The greatest human wisdom is the factual knowledge and the situational insight

 The necessary resolve that together have the greatest likelihood of success in achieving the intended, righteous goal.

“Gold can buy almost anything in this world. But it cannot buy everlasting life and joy.”

 In a military battle, with justice on your side, the intended, righteous goal will be victory

 And to that end, a wise general will have the factual knowledge

He needs about the terrain, and the weather, and the strength of the opposing army

They are located, and how they fight, and how skilled his own troops are, and how weary they are, and much other factual knowledge.

The battle engages, he will have the situational insight to discern in the critical moment 

The way the enemy is slowing on the right flank is a sign that one more thrust from his elite troops at that weak spot will send the entire enemy force fleeing.

And he has the necessary resolve to command the charge, knowing

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