Wonder's Thor: Love And Thunder continues in the strides of the much-cherished Thor: Ragnarok

Both are coordinated by Taika Waititi, and both deal a happy interpretation of the exceptional hero, played again by Chris Hemsworth.

The new film presents Christian Bale as a lowlife named Gorr

The God Butcher, and brings back Natalie Portman as Jane Foster — who currently uses Thor's mallet.

With a rowdy soundtrack and a group of darling stars, Thor: Love and Thunder 

Love and Thunder appeared to be ready to be a triumph lap for Taika Waititi.

 After top dog Alan Taylor's Thor: The Dark World went over like a wet fart in 2013

This charming essayist/chief/entertainer not just rebranded the nominal God of Thunder into an adorkable himbo for Thor

Ragnarok yet additionally cast himself as the adorable stone animal Korg. Waititi likewise acquainted thirst catching with the MCU

 The MCU via a tied Valkyrie, an exposed Hulk, and a long-laid out sex image, Jeff Goldblum

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