The previous evening on HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher

 One of the most polarizing issues in America was on the table because of the Supreme Court's choice yesterday to upset Roe v. Swim.

Maher and his board visitors battled to figure out precisely what the decision will mean for life in these United States

These United States very much like the remainder of America.

The board examined how early termination would in any case be open in spite

The decision as well as how Americans presently live in "two distinct nations."

During his initial discourse, Maher referred to another new Supreme Court administering on conveying firearms in New York

"Welcome to traditional America, where if you need to end a youthful life, you need to shoot them," he wailed over.

Maher noticed that we are presently in a reality where assuming that you inquire as to whether they are holding

It's about the Morning After pill." He likewise referenced the part of Justice Clarence Thomas' perspective

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